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Egusi Soup


How to Prepare EGUSI SOUP

  1. Mix your blended egusi with blended crayfish, fresh pepper, onions, and seasoning, then pour a little water to make a paste and mold.
  2. Fry the egusi with palm oil and set aside.
  3. Boil the meat, stockfish, dry fish with seasoning and salt, till it gets tender.
  4. Add a little palm oil and pepper and leave for 15 mins.
  5. Add the egusi ball, leave for 15 mins to cook, then add ugu and leave for 5mins.

This 10 person serving contains:

  • Egusi 500g
  • Beef 1500g
  • Dried fish 350g
  • Stock fish 250g
  • Ponmo 600g
  • Cray fish 200g
  • Pepper dried 100g
  • Yellow pepper 100g
  • Vegetable 300g
  • Palm oil 650g
  • Maggi & salt


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